Who Is cdub?

cdub is a nickname given to me during my university golf days. It’s a blend of my first and last initials. I am a proud Canadian living in a city that many think is the greatest kept secret in Canada, Victoria, with my lovely and inspiring wife, my young son and a dog named Emily.

This site has evolved over the years. Since it pre-dated all but the earliest and crudest social media, it’s initial function was to keep friends and family up to date as we traveled abroad and moved around western Canada. Throughout the years long periods of inactivity infected the blog as my mind, time and energies were spent elsewhere. Later on I became absolutely addicted to the sport of road cycling and have obsessed about it ever since. Accordingly, the blog was repurposed into a dumping ground for bike-related rants and discoveries. However I like spending my time riding my bike more than writing about it, so even this avocation eventually stalled out. I’ve long been passionate about photography, so it’s most recent iteration now showcases pictures of travel or random wanderings.

So let’s call it what it is. Musings of a journeyman experientialist, occasional photographer and mediocre but enthusiastic bike rider. I hope you enjoy.

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