Only Just Back

We’re just shy of 2 hours back from the airport; returning after having spent 5 days in Arizona. Laundry’s in the wash, walk is shoveled and mail is opened. Once I’ve re-acclimatized to the Calgary winter, I will begin the arduous task of post-processing my photos. I filled up a 8 Gb card on this trip. Sounds impressive, and it is, but only sort-of, because my camera is 21 mp, therefore each RAW picture is between 22 and 27 Mb.

It’s -26 C here in Calgary right now (with the wind chill), which marks a delightful 52 degree shift from what we left only 7 hours ago. It was pretty freakin’ nice.

My wife turned 30 on this trip, and we had a great time celebrating it. Pictures and details to follow.

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