The Ride to Conquer Cancer – update

In my previous post, I published a letter that I had sent to the Ride To Conquer Cancer, its charity the BC Cancer Foundation, as well as a handful of BC media outlets.

I am happy to report that it did not go unnoticed.

A few days ago, I received this reply from BC Cancer Foundation CEO Mr. Douglas Nelson:

Thank you for contacting the BC Cancer Foundation (we have also received your message through the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer office). We appreciate the time you have taken to write your letter and outline your concerns regarding sponsorship of the Ride to Conquer Cancer.

I would like to begin by sharing that our 2013 Ride is the final year of a three-year national sponsorship agreement, that we are a part of, with Enbridge. The concerns you have addressed are noted and appreciated. We understand the importance of the discussions happening here in our province and across the country regarding Enbridge, their pipeline proposal and its impact.

At this time, we are listening to our donors and event participants who are providing input, as you have, on this sponsorship. Your letter will help to shape our discussions moving forward.

To date the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer has raised an amazing $39.1 million dollars thanks to the support of thousands of riders and generous donors. And we can confirm that one-hundred per cent of these funds raised goes directly to the BC Cancer Foundation to support cancer research and enhancements to patient care at the BC Cancer Agency.

I hope this background information is helpful to you. We also hope you will consider supporting the BC Cancer Foundation in other ways.

This morning I sent Mr. Nelson a quick reply.
Thank you for your response to my email and apologies for my late reply.
I am very happy to hear that you and your organization are sensitive to my concerns, which are very likely widely shared, and that it will contribute to a basis of consideration as you decide upon a new sponsor.
Your foundation and the Ride to Conquer Cancer galvanize our community in very special and tender ways and it is incumbent upon you and the Ride’s organizers to think and act wholesomely on behalf of your principles and those of British Columbia’s. It sounds like you are mindful of such details. This is great news.
I will pay keen attention to your search for a new National Title Sponsor, and will be among the first to sign up for future Rides To Conquer Cancer depending on your selection.
Best wishes in your continued work and thank you again for reaching out to a concerned stakeholder in the fight against cancer.

All told, I am satisfied that they are at least listening, and that the foundation hasn’t employed blinders in the form of hundred-dollar-bills – unable to see anything save for the money.

Stay tuned for new sponsorship information in the months ahead. God willing, a far more reasonable and altruistic sponsor will be found and the Foundation will have discovered in me a new advocate and participant.

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