Project 2016…

Time to renovate my blog once again. I spent a good two years writing about my immersion into the world of road cycling, from someone who’d never ridden a bike in earnest before to clocking 6,000+ kilometres in one season, including a handful of Gran Fondos in and around British Columbia. I’m still passionate as ever about the bike but my time, I’ve found, is better spent riding than writing about it.

I’m removing the utter focus of this blog and allowing it to be what it has probably always been: a catch-all for the musings, queries, thoughts and happenings in my oft-changing and repurposed life.

It’s been nearly 10 years since I started this blog. In that time, I’ve moved cities thrice, taken and resigned two jobs, started and abandoned innumerable hobbies (some of which had glimmerings of long-term importance), taken on a few others that did in fact become life-changing passions, and last but not least, had a child. What a ride.

Throughout this last decade perhaps the only constant has been my wife. She’s watched and experienced and even guided me as we’ve navigated sometimes uncertain waters together, in an effort to find our place in the world, contributing to society and making a mark in the ways that we think matter most, to us and to others.

For the next year, my goal will be to dial back the rhetoric of this blog; to pontificate and enthuse less and let pictures do the talking. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been taking photographs, often of my son, but also of the world. In the last ten years photography has changed considerably: the advent of smartphones with ever-more powerful and precise cameras embedded in them, and apps that help clean up even the most amateurish efforts has fundamentally changed photography from being a learned and practiced skill requiring a certain level of commitment to often times requiring nothing more than spontaneity. Photography has gone from being a practitioner’s primary effort to sometimes an afterthought or even an accident.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the camera-phone. I’m as culpable as anyone, using mine regularly as daily occurrences dictate, while my big, expensive 5DII sits idly next to my computer, waiting for ‘appropriate’ moments to be holstered, and later, unleashed. It is clear to most anyone that the quality of photos that come out of the big camera undoubtley surpass what can be achieved with a pocket device, but it requires thought and effort to commit to using the big camera, while the smaller companion is seemingly always on standby, just a swipe and a click away.

So here we go. “Project 2016” (#cdubProject2016) as I’ve now just unceremoniously dubbed it, will be to take a picture every day, of what I’m seeing, how I’m feeling, what I’ve seen, or how I’ve felt. It won’t always be with the big camera, but where possible, it will be my preference. Captions optional. I will leave it at that, and get a head start by beginning today: December 27, 2015. Enjoy.

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