1st Trip Up Cypress Mountain of 2014

Played a wee bit of hooky on a beautiful Monday afternoon to hit Cypress Mountain for the first time this year. With the forecast showing rain for the rest of the week, the opportunity was calling out to me.

My relatively consistent hard work through the winter has apparently paid off – although it was no cake-walk, I scored lots of 2nd Bests and Personal Bests for this ride on Strava, and considering my other ascents were mid-summer and early fall (peak fitness or nearer) I’m quite chuffed. That said, Cypress certainly hasn’t gotten any easier!

Happy to say no stops on the way up, and I didn’t push too hard (despite results) rather focusing on a really good rhythm of ~65-70 RPM, ~170-175 BPM and 215-240 watts throughout.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.29.41 AM

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