Guess Whut?

I am exercising my Rights under the Conventions Given to Persons Working From Home: I am wearing sweatpants. Don’t worry my dear, posh Vancouverites, they’re Lululemon! I have completed my red carpet-worthy outfit with an old flannel shirt.

Though I’ve considered it often, this is the first time I’ve donned the comfy clothes since I began my work-from-home adventure back in April. I had jeans on earlier today. Baby steps.

I took my inspiration from the slug pictured above – our dog Emily. She’s very knowledgeable about the ways of being comfortable during working hours. This, for example, is her enjoying a pink fleece blanket on top of her fancy pillow. Note her general dissatisfaction that I’ve disturbed her.

I read some other peoples’ blogs recently (gasp! I know!) and I realized something. Reading posts that complain and apologize for a lack of posting is horribly boring and pitiful. Therefore I apologize for apologizing. And I will never do it again! Moving on then………..

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