Winds of Change


The world is an interesting place. Things can be steady; almost boring sometimes. Other times, things can be seemingly going bad. Or things can be going great, for all you know. But then something happens – one single action or event, from out of nowhere, and what seemed to be going bad, or great, or your world of boredom or stead, is rocked. Hard. Hard to the point that you truly wonder what ignorance is, or what taking things for granted means, and how you could ever fall such a victim to it.

Something rocked my world today, and while I don’t feel like discussing the details, what happened has significantly impressed upon me, and irked some of the people around me. It’s given me cause for thought and reflection. It’s provided me impetus to think about myself and my family, and where we are, why and for how long…

On another note, something less cryptic, I had a wonderful lunch at River Café today. We launched our 6th annual Savour Wine & Food Experience: a  20-event festival comprising tastings, dinners and lunches, and today was the kick off. By all accounts, today went flawlessly. River Café is Calgary’s version of the restaurant at the Sooke Harbour House. It champions local (or as local as a Calgary restaurant can get) and slow food, with a nod to organic as well. It was a great meal, and we hope it is a sign of positive things to come for the rest of the festival.

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