Ga$ Price$

All this economy talk has had me wondering… Are we so focused on the supposed credit crunch, stock market slaughter and mortgage meltdown (and other alliterative media snippets) that our attention has been drawn completely away from gas prices?

The price of gas in a slowing economy, where middle class families are apparently the ones in trouble, is quite important – more important now than in the summer when no one was particularly concerned about their savings, their investments or their debt loads. And yet, here we are, with oil currently sitting at $87/barrel and gas prices stagnant at around $1.10 in Calgary. The price of gas hasn’t budged ten cents since oil was touching $140/barrel. As far as I can remember, pump prices in Calgary never exceeded $1.19 even at the height of crude prices. WTF? Is this all doom and gloom speculation, or…

Are gas companies taking advantage of consumers because our attention is drawn and we and the media aren’t focused on the price of gas at the moment? I’d like to know what’s going on here, because while I don’t mind paying more for the sake of everyone using less, I still feel like I’m being fleeced and the extra dollars that I am now paying more attention to, are further lining the pockets of gas company executives and middle eastern princes.

On a more positive note, my wine cellar fridge finally arrived yesterday and it only took about 5 hours for installation. Now it’s done. Post-worthy – perhaps in a couple of days.

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