Going Halifaxing

(this one is for Davin)

Tomorrow we leave for the coast. The east coast! The land of lobsters, tides and fog!

We’re headed out there for a wedding and are looking forward to a few extra days to visit the inlaws’ extended family as well. It’s going to be nice to take a few days off, but as usual, my work will be following me. Why won’t it just leave me alone!

In other travel news, my wife and I have proactively cancelled our trip to Mexico in December. Over recent days we began thinking about better ways to spend our money, and meanwhile we kept watching the dollar slide, and finally came to the conclusion that we don’t really need to be doing it. We’ve so many places closer to home that we can visit that won’t be subject to exchange rates and four-figure accommodation expenses. Between when we’d booked Mexico and now, we’d be spending an additional $650 just in exchange rates. Like, evaporating into thin air. What a waste… Great motivation to rethink it and make a wiser decision. Mexico will still be there next year (we expect). So it looks like a trip to the other coast, the left one, in December. Probably spend a couple weeks wandering around mid-Vancouver Island, then Victoria, then Vancouver. I love the coast in the winter, and it will be nice to be there again.

In November, I’ve got two trips to Toronto and a trip to Ottawa in between. Should be interesting…

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  1. That license plate just blew my mind.


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