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I’d been thinking for some time about selling my venerable PowerBook – bought in 2004, and serving me well through the last 5 years, including 8 hour work days for about 30 months. Back when I bought it, it was perfect – albeit expensive. A 15″ PowerBook, maxed out for its time at 1 GHz, 1 Gb RAM, 80 Gb hard drive, etc. cost me close to $4,000. Along the way I improved it with a new hard drive after the original one failed, as well as a new battery last year.

My wife and I had, up until today, 5 computers. 4 laptops and a desktop. We’re both provided our choice of laptops for work and we both had our own laptops that we bought a few years ago upon leaving school. Additionally, we have an iMac that I use principally for photography, and that we use together for other things.

The idea dawned on me that I didn’t need my old laptop anymore, and considering it still works great and meets most specifications except for the newest of programs, I thought it might even fetch a fair price. PowerBooks, afterall, are sturdy builds and include features like FireWire 800, 15″ screens and line-ins, which still aren’t offered on today’s MacBooks.

Long story short, I listed my PowerBook on Kijiji last night for $550, and had two people interested in it this morning. I sold it to one of them today for my asking price, and received cash. Pretty straight forward process, and I’m very satisfied.

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  1. Hey, if you can do this, wanna sell a pool table? 🙂


  2. […] made a crap-load of money selling used goods on Kijiji in 2009, including a Mac Powerbook laptop, two couches, an IKEA chair, some entry-level furniture and our BowFlex. For each I got as much or […]


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