A Visit By Justin Trudeau MP, Political PR and Moo Cards


I recently uploaded some pictures to my online photo gallery from my latest volunteer gig – Thursday evening’s Liberal Party fundraising event featuring Hon. Justin Trudeau, Liberal MP for Papineau in Quebec. Justin Trudeau, as you may know, is the eldest son of the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and holds the hopes of many Trudeau-ites and Liberals that he will be the second coming.

Justin Trudeau is a very charming man. He is eloquent in his mannerisms, humble and gracious amongst supporters. It appears he likes watches too, as he was sporting an IWC Schaffhausen Regulateur at the event – an aficionado’s watch to say the least.

I wonder aloud, though, what he feels each time someone shakes his hand and says how much they admired his father. Fact is, while there is a significant benefit to his political career that he is a Trudeau, there must also be considerable pressure from his supporters and the Liberal faithful for him to follow in his footsteps, and an expectation, however modest, that he be his father in many respects. I suppose it comes with the territory.

The event was a good one, attended by approximately 100 people. Trudeau spoke passionately, capturing peoples’ attention and interest in very much the same way he did when he spoke at the marketing conference I attended back in November. The fundraising effort was for delegates fees for the upcoming convention which I’ve spoken about, which I do not believe I will be attending, due to the financial commitment. A thousand dollars plus personal expenses is quite a commitment, today or any other, and one that I can’t justify putting towards something unrelated to the needs and interests of my home and family.

After being a part of Michael Ignatieff‘s visit to Calgary a few weeks ago, and having just participated in Justin Trudeau’s visit, I have come to the conclusion that there needs to be a much greater effort put forward by the communications, public relations and marketing departments of the Liberal Parties of Canada and Alberta. See, Justin Trudeau was here for a full day last week – at a local high school, at the fundraiser and at other events, but I came across no mention of his visit on any radio shows or in the national newspapers either before hand or after. One would think there could be a great deal of value in sharing with Canadians (and specifically Calgarians) that these high-profile politicians are in our Conservative-stronghold city and province and are making efforts to garner support. Otherwise, what would be the point of making this stop? The 100 people at the fundraiser are likely going to vote Liberal, whether these gents come to see them or not. On the provincial side, I just completed a “rebuilding” survey, which asked various questions like, “what are we doing well,” “what are we not doing well,” “what are our opportunities,” etc. The provincial Liberals, led by Dr. David Swann, have a huge opportunity to pick up on failing impressions of the Conservative party but are lacking in brand awareness. They too are not getting much exposure, because in part, I don’t think they’re effectively selling their argument to voters, nor their messages to the media. For both groups, I would like to know what prevents greater awareness from taking place, what media are picking up on their visits, and how the party is measuring success.

On another note, I was introduced to Moo Cards by a colleague on Friday, and I must say, for a quick and easy one-stop shop for personal business cards, these seem to be just the fit. They’re British, and can take any ready-made graphic or your own photos on one side, and a good amount of personal information on the other. Several formats and sizes are available. I’m getting some made for my photography, so I can invite people to this blog and to my photo gallery when I meet them abroad (especially at photo shoots).

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  1. IMO they were simply throwing the Calgary Grits a bone with that one, and trying to scoop as much money as they could on their way through (boy do they need it!). No way will they challenge in those ridings, so why bother making a serious push there? Whipping up a media froth takes time and effort, which of course equates to money, better spent elsewhere. You have to step into the batters box in a place the size of Calgary, but that doesn’t mean you have to swing.


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