On The Road Again


Off to the Okanagan Valley tomorrow, until Friday afternoon. During that time my traveling partner – my circulation and distribution manager – and I will visit roughly 30 wineries and half a dozen other businesses in an effort to make introductions and drum up some localized, individual business. For my part, they are essentially courtesy calls, which is also a good idea every once in a while.

During my week I doubt that I’ll be particularly diligent about blogging, but I expect to Twitter quite a bit while I’m away, so don’t forget to follow me if the urge strikes you. I will undoubtedly be taking my camera with me and hope to get some great shots. Who knows, maybe some shots for my magazine, too. 

Cheers everyone, and have a great week!

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  1. Have a safe trip. Love your pics of Justin!


  2. thanks Dad. No problem – 1000 kms of driving mixed with wineries, what could possibly go wrong? 😉


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