Taking the High Road

The Liberals appear to be honorably defending themselves, as displayed in their recent YouTube video, which was made public via their website, Twitter and I assume FaceBook. It’s the smart thing to do, and I hope they don’t stop there. Perhaps there’s a bit of passive aggressive in me, as there is in the video, but I think that the best course of action is to maintain these feel-good, taking the high road video spots all the way to the next election. Right now, it’s not about simply replying to these attack ads, it’s about riding the wave; building and maintaining public sentiment and making themselves out to be the protagonist in the election drama that is sure to unfold in coming months.

Here is Michael Ignatieff‘s response to the Conservative party attack ads:

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  1. Level headed response, very reasonable. A pretty good counter, I would say.


  2. Iggy,if you can’t take the heat stay out of the ketchen!


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