Worth a Laugh

Sometimes you just gotta laugh, especially towards the end of the week. I often settle on comedy shows whenever I’m channel surfing – typically CBC‘s highlight shows from Montreal’s Just For Laughs festival, or the Halifax Comedy Festival. Last year a bunch of work mates and my wife and I went and checked out Irwin Barker. He’s a truly funny man who doesn’t swear very much and doesn’t tell (therefore rely) on dirty jokes.

Another one of my favorite comedians, at least from those I’ve seen on TV, is Steve Patterson. He too tells good jokes that aren’t terribly foul-mouthed or dirty*. If he ever comes to Calgary (presumably, ‘again’), I’ll be sure to buy tickets. Here are a couple of clips to giggle at. Truth be told, I just wanted to bookmark these clips, but really, what better way to do that then blog about them? The best part is I get to share them with you. Quite funny stuff.

*warning – video two has a bit of dirt in it

Happy Thursday turned Friday everyone!

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