Just a quick interlude to satisfy the masses while I slowly recover from my school and such. I’m also working on a behemoth post about how I got into electronic music. I’ll have that up soon.

This is my watch – a Tag Heuer Grand Carrera, which I bought for myself as a present in May, 2008. Since I was a boy I’ve wanted a Tag, and since about last July I’ve wanted to tell you about it. My wife likes it a lot too, though she’s concerned that I’ve since developed an affinity for watches. Rest assured, I tell her, they’re too expensive to buy frivolously. I’d like one more some day – a diver’s watch which could serve as a more casual, weekend piece. I’m thinking the Bell & Ross BR-02. But I’ve begun to like Panerai, too. Okay, maybe three someday.

The Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 17 is Tag’s flagship timepiece in the Carrera line. The calibre 17 movement is one of Tag’s best (17 being a somewhat random ranking, alluding to its level of complication – in the watch world, complicated=good). It’s automatic – doesn’t take batteries – and stays wound by moving around as your arm does. It has a 48 hour power reserve, meaning it keeps on ticking (trademark infringement?) for up to two days after it’s been taken off. I often don’t wear it on weekends and let it unwind, then manually wind it the next time I put it on. This watch has a chronometer, accuracy certified by the top association in the world (COSC), and what’s particularly cool is the rotary seconds dial at 3 o’clock and the rotary chronometer minutes at 9 o’clock.

On a side note, I am amazed at how hard it is to photograph your own arm and get a sharp image. Indoors, it was tough getting a fast enough shutter speed while still getting satisfactory exposure. I took this with my Canon G9 point and shoot and it was one of several that thankfully worked.

I finished my school work for good tonight by handing in my textbook assignment. It worked out to be about 17 pages long; between six and seven thousand words. Now all I have left is my exam on Saturday and I’ll have wrapped up my graduate certificate in public relations from the University of Toronto. Then it’s onward to finding out how to best use my new education in my career.

Tomorrow (Monday) is a wonderful stat holiday day off; perfectly timed considering I’ve been sequestered doing my studies for almost all of Saturday and Sunday. Time for some house cleaning and maybe, just maybe a raspberry picking excursion out in Cochrane. Nothing pleases me more in the summertime than fresh raspberries.

Happy long weekend everyone.

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