Live From the 2009 Canadian Wine Awards

Here we are once again, assembled to judge nearly 25% of all the wine made in Canada. Pitting grape versus grape, winery versus winery and region versus region, this year’s Canadian Wine Awards promise to be the most exciting yet. Why? Not because we have the most entries ever – that was last year (over 1,000). This year we’re just under that number. No, this year’s competition promises to be the most exciting because this is the year Canada’s largest wine making region should be its most competitive yet. Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula finally had a warm and complete growing season in 2007 – their best in a decade, and after a year in oak, the 2007 reds are now in the market and it’s that vintage that is competing this year. BC’s Okanagan Valley has been blessed with good or great vintages seemingly every year for a decade, so in essence one could argue it’s been an unfair fight. Subsequently a BC winery has taken Winery of the Year designation every year since the competition started in 2000. We’re all hoping a Niagara winery has a great showing this year.

Toronto has been nice since I arrived on Friday night. The muggy air keeps the temperatures up during the evenings and the city has been pleasant thus far. We’ve only just begun, though, and once I return home next Saturday, I’m sure I’ll have had enough. Toronto has that effect on me.

Stay tuned for more, after the break.

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