How Frozen Tides Have Turned

Quickly, I’d like to remark that life has progressed to such a state where it is my parents who are now visiting my house, and it is my parents who are now bunking in the basement.

Growing up and upon moving home to Calgary, it was I (and for a short time, my wife) who lived with my parents. This weekend marks the first time they’ve stayed with us.

Thus, it’s been a busy weekend of sorts; cleaning, cooking, entertaining. It’s been fun, and we’ve enjoyed some wonderful fare courtesy of my wife. The wines have been good too, and I’m more capable of speaking to them. Last night, we enjoyed a 2003 Sandhill Small Lots Three, which is a blend of barbera, sangiovese, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. It’s a delicious blend and imaginative and uncharacteristic for a BC wine. Five years on it was a blessing, but I’ll give the other bottle in my cellar another one or two to further develop.

Tonight, it’s a 2003 Clos de los Siete from Argentina, master-crafted by Michel Rolland; the French winemaker who is wildly popular amongst wealthy but confused winery owners around the world.

I’m ashamed to say I haven’t gotten anywhere on my pictures since returning from vacation. That means there’s at least 500 to process, but, well, let’s not talk about that… I’ll do them soon. Promise.

Oh, it snowed in Calgary today. The first snow of winter, 2009. Words, or at least those that come to mind, cannot adequately express my feelings.

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  1. I always get excited when I see snow. There has, in my life, never been enough of it for me to dread it. Is dread the right word?


  2. Dread is apt for anyone living east of Abbotsford, IMO. I think your enthusiasm for snow is acceptable, though move to Toronto and in less than one winter, I guarantee you’ll understand what we all mean…. 😉


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