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I’m close to posting some photos on a stock photography site. I figure it’s a good way to allow some of my better shots to possibly make me some money and help me earn enough to buy another lens or two. I’m not totally sure about it though – conceptually I mean.

If I happen to take particularly special photos – unique subjects or circumstances that may allow me to make more than a half-pence on a sale, then I don’t think I’d offer them for sale on a stock site. For example, if a magazine is looking for a specific politician or vineyard shot, and I happen to have taken one, I would be better off to sell it to them myself for a couple hundred dollars than sell it on a stock site for a quarter, and hope that 799 other people buy it, right? That’s what I’m not totally sure about. But in the mean time, I have more generic shots that I don’t think are particularly exclusive, which I will post and see what happens.

Do any of you photo-takers out there have any opinions on selling stock photography? I’ve heard it’s a bit taboo – like shooting weddings; many loathe the idea and say it is against their principles as a photographer. Others make very successful careers from it.

Last night, my wife, and a colleague of mine and I checked out the all-time best-selling electronic artist, Moby.

In short, the concert was fantastic. First of all, Kelli Scarr, the voice behind several of Moby’s songs on his new album Wait For Me, was fantastic. She had a 30 minute opening set which left a strong impression on many early arrivers. Her voice is sultry, strong, piercing and intimate. Lots of juxtapositions in there, but that’s how she is. Incredibly soft and intimate in parts, yet her clarity is amazingly sharp and definitive when she decides to belt it out. Comparable perhaps to Sarah McLachlan meets Neko Case meets Serena Ryder. Her new EP Piece is available for free (albeit slow as hell) download on her website. On my recommendation, please download it – like right now – and then think about whether you want to or not. The song writing on two of her EP tracks, ‘Brother’ and ‘Break Up’ is very catchy and intriguing. They are undoubtedly two of my new favorite tracks. I think she has a great career ahead of her, especially if she keeps the mastering and production genius of guys like Moby around as her friends…

Moby was amazing. The show fell only just short of mindblowing – due in large part to the limited audience (Calgary isn’t what you would call an underground or electronica haven) and the sterile MacEwan Hall venue – but he is an ultimate performer, showman, and a master of his material. His set wasn’t a minute short of 2 hours and he played every track everyone wanted him to, including a 20 minute acid-trip jam session of “Honey” that had the crowd peeling clothes off amidst pungent aromas of Mary Jane. The live performances of some tracks, including “Natural Blues” had a definitive retro-rock angle and were roundly enjoyed. The humble, bald-headed musician masterfully displayed his virtuosity on guitar, keyboards and percussion; though it was his skill on guitar that even I, a self-professed ardent follower of his, was truly shocked by. He opened with “A Seated Night” which I alluded to in my Wait For Me review would make a spectacular opening track (yes, I will in fact take full credit), and he wasn’t shy about playing a good portion of his new material, despite everyone’s affinity for Play. In fact his first three tracks were off his new album, including “Shot In The Back Of The Head,” whose slick guitar sampling at the beginning makes it another of my new favorite tracks.

Here’s the San Fran set list, which was the same as last night’s:


Overall, the band was tight and energetic, and Moby’s access to fantastic vocal talent, including Kelli Scarr, appears uncompromised. I can safely say that my high expectations for finally seeing him live were entirely fulfilled. I only wish I’d seen him in a large, outdoor festival environment, where perhaps the audience would be more engaging, but then who’s to say I would have had the vantage point I enjoyed last night. All in all, I am very satisfied. Thank you to Moby for making an out-of-the-way special visit to Calgary. Although he professes a love for Canada, he probably doesn’t entirely understand how unwelcome his left-leaning ideologies are in this city. I mentioned to my wife that someone could have bombed the concert last night and wiped out most of the left-wing voting public in one swoop. I’m sure he had a somewhat tough time finding a vegan-friendly restaurant to dine in before show time.

I uploaded two videos (two songs in each) from last night’s concert to YouTube. Enjoy these snippets and pretend you were there! ps: they didn’t allow “professional” cameras, so these were not shot with my Canon 5D mark II; rather with my point and shoot Canon G9. Thus, no 1080p video. Apologies… …but enjoy.

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