Cat’s Half Out

Finally, putting an end to months of inuendo, I am ready to pull back the curtain somewhat, half emerge from the mist and reveal my latest burdening secret.

I handed in my resignation today, quitting the job I’ve had for nearly four and a half years. My head is in a bit of a cloud right now, both relieved and somewhat surprised that I went through with it. Like jumping off a high diving board, I was nervous but I threw myself off anyway. It had to be done.

It is with incredible enthusiasm and a sense of relief that I made this decision and notified the appropriate parties, yet it is not without some loss, humility and sadness. I’ve taken a great deal of pride in my job, though I’ve been ready for a new challenge for a while now. Instigated by developments in my industry and my general malaise surrounding advertising sales, I felt it was time for me to move on.

Conceiving this manoeuvre has been exhausting, because it had to be the right move. Not just getting out, but jumping into something else. I wanted the change to be positive; not reactive. One of the virtues that my wife and I share is that we don’t make lateral moves – I wasn’t about to make a sideways diversion to temporarily alleviate my current distress. That’s why I carefully crafted my decision over the last several weeks, seeking a change that in itself would be motivating, suitable, rewarding, interesting, challenging, and one that would take me yet another step towards the uncharted and unconfirmed lands of infinite contentment and personal satisfaction.

I am very much looking forward to my next adventure. Unfortunately (and cruelly), I must string you along a little more, as I have another and greater secret to share in the next couple of weeks regarding my new position. Suffice it to say for now, I have signed a contract with my new group and we are mutually excited. A lot of change is in the forecast and my wife and I have been making charts, lists and graphs ad nauseam in preparation.

I never spoke in detail about where I worked. I believed (and continue to believe) that a barrier between my thoughts and my working life should exist, particularly because I sometimes speak candidly about divisive subjects – namely politics – but also art, community and society in general. Some of you were smart enough to decipher my projects or were skilled in tying together loose ends, and figured it out on your own. But I will continue to remain silent about exactly where I’m going. Rest assured, I’m sure that such discovery will be possible again.

What I’ll tell you for now is that I’m staying in the wine industry, assuming a similar position of responsibility, but no longer in the publishing, magazine or advertising business. And I have excellent growth prospects and great work:life balance. More later. For now, back to the charts, lists and graphs.

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  1. Happy for you Mr. Kryptoblog!


  2. Congratulations! Im looking forward to when the other hald of the cat is out


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