Day Four: Trains, Sherry and Montilla

Quick, because I’m interrupting breakfast for this post! Today, we took our first high-speed train from Barcelona to Cordoba, which is about 800-1000 km away (depending on who you ask) and it took us only 4.5 hours. The trip was spectacular! We averaged nearly 300 km/hr. Upon arriving in Cordoba, we were met by the producer of the most famous sherries in the region, and then taken on an unparalleled tour of their vineyards, production facilities and then a 25-wine tasting of their offerings. It was a late night with a traditional Spanish dinner beginning at 10:00pm and then us graciously leaving for the night at 12:00am while the rest carried on for after-dinner drinks.

Barcelona Sants train station

Spain’s Renfe AVE high-speed train

Olive trees and chalky soils near Montilla

concrete aging vats for sherry wine – some 5 million litres of sherry is processed here (on vineyard – Lagare – property)

The famous Pedro Ximenez grape used in all Montilla sherries

Entering the town of Montilla

La Monumental – the sherry aging cellar with Solera casks for fino sherry

Alvear winemaker Bernardo Lucena sampling directly from cask for us!

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