Lusine – Two Dots

This is my new favourite song at the moment. I first heard it on John Digweed‘s new “Structures” 3-disc mix album (which is 9/10 awesome in itself). Two Dots is featured on Disc 3, which is a live mix from his Winter Music Conference set at Vagabond in Miami this past March. Then, scouring the internet for more, found that another favourite DJ of mine, Anthony Pappa, had opened a big New Years Eve party in Melbourne, Australia with it.

Some investigation has led me to believe that Lusine, a resident of Seattle, is quite a different musical personality. He is a member of Ghostly International, an assembly of artists more interested in the art of music than of music itself. I don’t know what I mean by that, but something along the lines of what music can be; expanding boundaries and providing new and different expressions of art, space and emotion through music. How esoteric. I think a lot of ‘new’ music and musicians have this aim (of contemporary expression, experimentation, genre-defiance), so how successful they are in their endeavours is subjective and personal, but I have a feeling they’re fulfilling their goals.

Very cool music video from Ghostly International below (warning: brings back nightmares of trig and geometry from high school):

If I was still spinning records, I’d probably be opening my sets with this track – either original or Nick Fanciulli’s remix.

Check it out. Lusine and some of his cohorts are very interesting; indy (if I dare call them that), experimental and even odd.

Two dots

Joined by a line

Believed detached

By a crime

Who is responsible

When the line is streched

Who is responsible

When it becomes a triangle

How irresponsible

When the line is streched

How irresponsible

When it becomes a triangle

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