Labour of Love

Apologies for the recent lag in posting. I had quite the week last week. First, I was on the road to my former home and hometown of Calgary for a management retreat in nearby Canmore. That involved a nine-hour drive (ten on the way back) – not flying – since I was using the visit to retrieve 15 cases of wine from my collection which have been generously stored (and remarkably left untouched) by my in-laws since we moved back in April.

I also retrieved my wife during this trip, after she’d spent the month of August with her family in Prince Edward Island. Having not seen her for a few weeks, my time has since been occupied in catching up with her and reacquainting myself to married life – where I do not spend inordinate amounts of time on my computer at odd hours of the day or night posting to my blog. We’ve also been modestly planning and preparing for what looks like a crazy month ahead.

Boy does September look like a gong show. In addition to a couple of weekend family visits, I have a Vancouver Island visit and three significant wine events to plan and look forward to; in addition to the already hectic workload that I possess. This is good preparation for October, which is busier, and November which will also be quite crazy.

I’m not proud, nor do I think that I’m somehow lucky to be this busy. I mean, it comes with the territory and I love my job, but what I’m trying to say is that I don’t in any way think I’m somehow a better person for having my life planned out each day for the next three months.

I remember listening to a news interview once where someone, extolling the ludicrous idea of work/life balance, mentioned that it’s weird how society has begun admiring people who are constantly busy, scheduled to the gills and stressed out. And how people in those circumstances brag about being so busy, as though they’ve achieved something of value in their jobs and careers. “Man, I’ve been working constantly lately,” or “I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the last month,” or “I haven’t taken a weekend since April.” Wow, you’re my hero!

I think those people, who are overworked or are overtaxed and think it’s great, are nuts. Again, don’t get me wrong – I am a strong proponent of loving what you do for a living, and that you make your luck through hard work – however life is so much more than working constantly. Sure a big inbox has some value. Clearly you have that work before you because someone thinks you’re capable of doing it and doing it well. In my case, I’ve actually been the one who’s signed up for much of the drudgery that lies ahead, so I’ve no one to blame but myself!

Am I excited about working almost constantly throughout the upcoming three months? No, but I am intent on making it add up for something in terms of results and exceeding expectations so that in the long run it counts as time well spent. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

Happy Labour Day everyone, for all the work you’ve done, are doing and have in front of you!

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