Winter Lights

Apologies if you’ve already been reminded of this via Facebook or Twitter, but it’s worth mentioning here too.

On Christmas Eve my wife’s family and I visited the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens for their Festival of Lights event. They dress up the otherwise dormant gardens in tens of thousands of lights. It’s really quite a spectacle. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring my camera and tripod along. Despite showers and somewhat chilly temperatures there was quite a crowd.

All in all it was fun though I did hold the group up quite a bit with my photographs – each exposure requiring six to ten seconds, not to mention looking for good shots and setting up the tripod in between. I was thankful for my camera and lens’s weatherproof-ness, although you can see a few streaks and blotches where drops appeared on the filter glass.

See the entire gallery on my online photo gallery here.

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