Island Time

Leaving my busy wife and itchy dog behind, I traveled to Vancouver Island today for a few days of work with a family weekend in between. I caught the 9:00am ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay terminal near Sidney. I spent the afternoon in Victoria before driving up island to visit my parents for the weekend. The reason for round-about route was work related – we have a new relationship with the Fairmont Hotel chain (plays in nicely with my pre-existing brand allegiance to them) and they required us to participate in a tasting event for their staff at the Empress Hotel.

Over the course of the weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing and spending some time with my folks. I brought over a big box of tax stuff, hoping to get a head start on the task of rescuing as much funds as possible. Other than that there’s already been talk of sailing (yes, in January – we’ll see about that).

On Monday I’ll head back to Victoria for an afternoon commitment along with something else during the evening. On Tuesday there’s an event for another, more ambiguous group of industry professionals. Tuesday night I’ll head home to Vancouver.

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