Off The Grid

My wife says this post is lame, however there’s not much I can do about that. Just too busy. Here’s a quick list to update you:

– After putting in a quick 2 hours of work today, I’m going to watch a hockey game and clean the house.

– Tomorrow morning will begin what will literally be the busiest week yet in my career. It’s been in planning phase since last May. It’s the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, and I have ten wineries participating, meaning 14 principals (owners, winemakers, CEOs) flying in from around the world, taking part in 30 events over six days. Our investment in wine alone for this festival is in the six figures.

– got an iPad 2 on Friday, waited in line for about oh, 5 minutes

– ran an event at a local BC Liquor Store yesterday (Saturday) where we sampled a Taylor Fladgate Port worth $3,500 from 1855 to local wine buyers and media. The wine was magical, memorable and surreal. Great experience.

– mm.. that’s about it. I’m off the grid until next Sunday or Monday… Bye for now.

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