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You know the problem with publishing date-relevant or time-sensitive blog posts is that you are subject to their antiquation. As the date in question moves farther into the past and the post becomes historic unto itself, if you haven’t blogged since then, it becomes increasingly apparent. And embarrassing.

Thus this placeholder post.

A few updates… Well, work is finally settling down for me. What was October came and went, and with it, somewhere along the way, November too. I had important work-related people visiting throughout those months, capped on one end by one of the most famous New Zealand winemakers in the world, and on the other by one of the most famous Portuguese winemakers in the world. It was my responsibility throughout to show them a good time, drum up business, introduce them to our wine industry’s movers and shakers, and in the end, get them back to the airport on time and in one piece. Missions accomplished.

As well, I had events taking place both in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island, meaning more than a few ferry rides, some of which you may have seen posted on Twitter or Facebook.

We took over another brand recently – the third major signing this year – but whose name I can’t divulge just yet because the ink isn’t quite dry on the contract.

I hired a new employee last week (first time I’ve ever done that), someone who will be a key addition in terms of adding breadth and reach to our sales force: specializing in restaurants and clubs. Most importantly, she takes our team from 3 members to 4, and considering our growth this year, that was an important addition to make. Another hire will come in the next two or three months.

On the personal front, well, if you know me, you know that I am a fan of making monumental decisions rather than pithy little ones. My wife and I have a few in the pipeline right now, none of which I feel like disclosing until they are either completed or dismissed, but suffice it to say, they’re energizing, captivating and otherwise significant.

Our Christmas is taking shape. Yet again we are trying our best to balance the needs of two families looking to capture the magic of December 25th with their children all in one place. Why the specific day is so important, I don’t understand. I’ve had very special December 26ths and December 27ths before, and since we all know Santa does not exist (sorry to kids reading this) I continue to believe that the 25th is just another day – it’s what you make of it that counts. But I digress.

So we’ll be in Nanoose Bay and Calgary over the holidays, with another rendition of our infamous New Year’s Eve party at our place in Vancouver to polish it off. I am hoping that this year I will not be the first person to call it a night – especially at my own party – which is what happened last year and for which I continue to take jabs from our friends… Here’s hoping.

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