An Exercise in Redundancy – The Value of Blog


I’ve been wrestling with the idea of whether or not to continue my blog.

There. I said it. It’s out in the world, for all to hear.

But to, in fact, anyone?

The world is a fast-changing, and vastly-changed place since I started this blog only a few short years ago. I mean, say it out loud: “BLOG.” Sounds almost as ancient as “WALKMAN,” or “CASSETTE TAPE” (sorry, kids).

Since this blog was conceived community-thingies like Facebook and Twitter have prevailed and grown faster than February moss on a west-coast cedar. I now find most of my musings taking place on those forums instead of here on this blog, probably due more to a sense of convenience, brevity and the pleasure of immediate and visible interaction with my desired audience: my friends and peers. I have little idea who my audience is here. I know it’s not large, but who you are, precisely, largely escapes me.

Combine these factors with a significant decline in my personal time with which to write, and the idea of “updating my blog” seems frustrating, stressful and entirely daunting.

So the question becomes, what with the consequences of time constraints, and the conveniences of alternative, more widely-adopted, contemporary social media options, is there value in continuing this blog?

If so, what should it become?

Blogs require purpose. My artistic friends post music, photography, writing and recipes on their blogs. These are the perfect venues for such things. Me? Just rambling, and that might be better (or best) suited to the aforementioned publicly traded communities.

I look forward to your responses. A lack of responses will be equally telling.

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