Ride: August 23, 2013 – Easy Ride to Iona Beach, Steveston

I’ve been taking Fridays off all summer to give me long weekends. I find that, similar to other people, when you book a week off you work so hard to go away, then when you return you have a mountain of emails and projects, so I thought I’d try taking long weekends all summer.

It’s paid off. I’ve enjoyed the ability to call it a week each Thursday, and have dedicated most Fridays to long leisurely rides with my neighbour. He’s an older gentleman who only quit smoking a few years ago, so while he is exceedingly passionate about cycling, his aerobics aren’t totally right yet. We find a balance point where he’s not exhausted and I’m not bored, and over the course of a few hours we plod 50-60 km.

This is an old trusty ride that is long and flat. It’s a very popular route which takes you out to Iona Beach Regional Park near the busy Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and then through the city of Richmond to a popular seaside village called Steveston. It was cool and windy all day, with a steady breeze out of the east for the whole ride.


Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 2.47.22 PM

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