The Waiting Game

Ending last week’s final My First Fondo clinic, we were instructed by our clinic administrator and coaches to taper off our individual training so that our legs and bodies are ready for the big day. They suggested that two weekends ago be our last “big” ride and that last Tuesday’s final Fondo clinic be our last intense ride and to focus on progressively fewer rides and shorter distances. Focus on rest, diet and hydration. Avoid taxing ourselves.

As such, my last few rides have all been “tapered” and much slower and flatter than normal. This week I’ve hardly ridden at all it seems, and I’m itching to get out there again. Sucking on a water bottle isn’t the same when it’s at my desk or on the couch as it is while huffing and puffing on a bike.

Yesterday I surrendered My Steed for an overnighter at the LBS for a final tune-up before this Saturday’s Gran Fondo. No less than 3 hours later, I was sitting at my desk and looking outside, and considering going for a ride. The weather was perfect. I was contemplating my route, and thinking how long I’d go for. Then I remembered that my bike was in the shop. Oh yeah, right! (duh)

The psychology (or cycle-ogy?) at play is insane. I am having cycling withdrawal, even though it’s been less than 48 hours since my last ride. The tapering and waiting will definitely be worth it though, because less than 48 hours from now I will be suffering en route to Whistler. I am sure I’ll need every last ounce of energy and muscle I can muster.

Must hydrate.

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