Ride: October 19, 2013 – Horseshoe Bay with a Fondo teammate

Excited to ride in the peculiar weather Vancouver has been experiencing lately, it stood up as an interestingly foggy, crisp, cool, calm and overcast day as a GranFondo clinic teammate and I set out to Horseshoe Bay. This is the same teammate who did a GranFondo prep ride to Squamish with me back in August.

It ended up being a fantastic day: very invigorating and enjoyable, with a very satisfying semi-leisurely-yet-deliberate pace. Attributed to being late in the season, there were not many other cyclists out, nor many cars, and those that were about were respectful of one another, which is always nice.

Prior to leaving I made a quick stop to my local bike shop to buy some leg warmers. I didn’t own any yet, and despite a jersey, vest and arm warmers, my bare legs were freezing right out of the gate and needed remedying. My Gore leg warmers turned out to be a very good call and my body temperature was perfect throughout.


Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 7.19.41 PM

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