Neighbourly Ride to Deep Cove

Hooked up with a couple of neighbours in my building, plus the local mechanic who runs a bike shop across the street! It was my first outing with two of them. As it turned out due to experience levels, it was more of a recovery pace than a real ride, but still really nice to get out and hope to head out with them at a more serious pace in the future. Reassuring to have a mechanic on board as well, plus he knows many great routes!

Riding from home to Deep Cove meant taking the Second Narrows Bridge, who’s narrow pedestrian sidewalk is currently under renovation, meaning two lanes on one side… Dog’s breakfast. Therefore coming home we navigated through North Vancouver to the Lion’s Gate which was great – added some diversity and was much more pleasant.


Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.23.38 AM

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