A New Year

2014 is here. Per my previous post, it was a momentous 2013 that I can only hope to build off of.

Cycling is an ever-increasingly important part of my life and participating in the sport has taught me how important fitness and a healthy lifestyle are as well.

For 2014, I’ve lined up a few “resolutions” if you will – both goal and non-goal oriented efforts.

I will:

– Hydrate and stay hydrated daily. Water is my new best friend.

– Surpass 4,000 kilometers total riding distance (3,600 km. in 2013). This averages out to 333 kilometres per month.

– Get rid of the “spare mountain bike tire” around my waist once and for all.

– Ride 3 Fondos (I’m already registered for the 2014 Axel Merckx Gran Fondo Penticton; targeting the Tour de Victoria once again, and will choose either the Prospera Medio or RBC Whistler again depending on dates and health).

– Attend the 2014 Tour of Alberta and watch at least one stage live.

With that now said aloud, let’s get ‘er done, son.

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