Spectacular Faux PR

I am in love.

Anyone who wants to see what value (cost/benefit) public relations has, need only follow this story from Copenhagen. In it, it appears that a yet-to-be-mentioned activist group engaged in a blanket PR campaign which made Canada out to be extraordinarily generous with its emissions targets, and apologetic for its previous inaction.

The campaign, made up of tweets, press releases, videos and similar, were all hoaxes. Some attribute the smear campaign (only so because it is in direct contrast to what continues to be Canada’s inaction) to an American group called the Yes Men.

Look at the impact. It has Canada’s conservative delegation back-peddling, defending their inaction and making wild accusations against likely innocent parties, and none of this has cost a dime.

And the irony!

Isn’t it all ‘stunt’, ‘spin’ and ‘propaganda’ that the Conservative governments in Alberta and Canada are employing to convey that climate change is debatable in the first place?┬áCanada defends its practices in the name of profits despite morality. Ahh, what leadership.

————— update ——————-

activists revealed: it was indeed the Yes Men. Find out how they did it and the motivation behind their actions here.

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