Battling a Flu


Been sick with flu-like symptoms since Tuesday afternoon. It’s made work difficult all week, and just as I’m getting healthy, my wife’s now infected. She’s laid up in bed, and it’s up to me to not only apologize, but to take care of her as well. The dog is not impressed. 

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  1. CRAIGER!! Long long time, no no see. Enjoyed your post on wine (which doesn’t explain why I’m commenting in this post but I digress…), it’s nice to see you’ve found a way to enjoy the finer things in life: earning money while drinking wine! Ended up on your site via Kyle’s (a.k.a. Jim) so thought I’d do a little spying while I’m here. Love and hugs to Erica, hope you are both living and loving well. Still miss the Bedlam but what can I say, we all have to grow up sometime, I guess 🙂 xxxL


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