Sun is Shining


Anyone remember that song by Bob Marley, heavily remixed by Funkstar DeLuxe? “Sun is Shining… …Weather is sweet…” “Make you want to move…” Great track. Great in a bad way.

Well, the sun is shining in Calgary of late. No, we don’t have any flowers yet (the photo is from last summer, shot in Fairwinds on Vancouver Island), but the weather is up in the low teens, and while the ground is brown and dirty, the sky is bright blue. Everyone’s mood is lifting. Around the office, a handful of die-hards are itching to hit the links, despite the fact there isn’t a blade of live grass anywhere to be seen, and the ground is still pretty much frozen. I’m over my flu. Though still a bit sick, compared to how I was feeling, I’m positively healthy.

I took my dad to the hockey game on Monday, and we watched the Flames trounce the St. Louis Blues 7-3. A pretty high score (especially for Calgary) that had us standing and cheering routinely from 21 seconds in (Alex Tanguay’s first goal) to 4:30 remaining (Alex Tanguay’s empty netter). It was a good game, with a power-play goal, 2 short-handed goals, Jarome Iginla’s 365th goal (now is the leading Flames scorer all-time). The only thing missing was a good, old-fashioned fight.

I’ve begun my Wine and Spirits Education Trust ‘Advanced’ course. It’s 3 hours every Tuesday from now until June. Each class, me and my 24 cohorts analytically taste between 8 and 10 wines, and go through some course material, from winemaking techniques such as carbonic maceration, to grape and wine characteristics like phenolic compounds and anthocyanins. The advanced course is pretty cool. We’re into the heavy duty stuff associated with quality instead of personal preference. That means, whether you like it or not, we must determine if a given wine is of quality and value. By the end of this program, I should be fairly capable at blind tasting and associating value with wine. That’s really what it’s all about, because everyone wants the inside scoop on a good, cheap bottle, and no one wants to make the mistake of paying $80 or more for a bottle of plonk.

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