Get Busy Child

Tomorrow marks the beginning of quite a busy Spring; lots of travel, events and adventures.

Tomorrow, my wife and I are headed to Vancouver for the long-awaited and much anticipated Sasha & Digweed Spring Club Tour. We arrive shortly before noon, where I’m being whisked off to a couple of business meetings until late afternoon, and then we’re meeting D&C who are coming over from the island. The show ought to be fantastic. I’m a little more than interested to see, or more appropriately, hear, what Sasha & Diggers are up to these days. I’m not a big fan of glitch or electro – those computer error and you-don’t-have-enough-RAM-to-be-trying-that sounds. To me, that isn’t music, but perhaps I shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. To my chagrin, I have heard samples of this “minimal techno” as it were, coming from Digweed of late and I am disappointed. Why so thoroughly overhaul what wasn’t broken?! I will eagerly await the direction I am led tomorrow night: up into the rafters, or out on to the soggy, crisp Vancouver pavement. Kazell is leading off, and I’m interested to hear what this English expatriate leads off with. Read an interview with Kazell, courtesy of my friend Davin.

We’re spending the following day in Vancouver as well, and are heading back Friday afternoon.

The beginning of May sees me in Winnipeg for the annual Winnipeg Wine Festival. The WWF is one of my favorite wine festivals in Canada from top to bottom. As sponsors, we are treated very well; the organizers are all a treat to work with and are in fact, organized (imagine that!) and the patrons are responsible, mature, and genuinely interested. Add to this, it’s a fun time of year to be in the ‘Peg – pre-mosquito season and post-minus 40 season, and many of my professional friend/colleagues attend this event as well.

From Winnipeg, I fly directly to Toronto for a week of further sponsorship fulfillment and associated business meetings. I don’t make it to Toronto very often – usually only a few times each year – so when I’m there I fill my schedule with meetings, to ensure I see as many clients as possible.

June sees the arrival of the 3rd Annual International Value Wine Awards to Calgary – a very successful and unique wine competition run by my company, which evaluates any wine available in Canada for $25 or less. Considering more than 95% of wine sold in Canada is $25 or less, it’s a very practical and useful competition for both wineries and consumers. The event is a true slog; we receive more than 4000 bottles of wine that need to be individually organized and inventoried, over 7 days. Check out the results of this year’s competition in the October/November edition of Wine Access magazine.

July, my wife and I are taking a little vacation to New York City. We’ve never been, and are looking forward to staying in Manhattan and exploring the city of all cities for a week. I want to have fun eating, while my wife wants to shop, and all the while enjoy a few galleries and museums, and walk the soles of our shoes off. Should be good times!

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