Folkfest, for us, came to an abrupt and dramatic end today. A pretty darn severe thunderstorm delivered some very big lightening, rain and hail, which didn’t deter the hardened few, but had many, including ourselves, quickly seeking shelter – after we retrieved some mini doughnuts for the road.

It’s been an interesting past few weeks. I’ve been pleased to take a number of days off and I’ve shortened a few as well. The time off is doing me good in some respects, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to recapture lost energy. I’ve historically been an early riser, and I’m not sure if it’s the pillow top or an ever-present stress load, but my alarm at 6 am is ringing upon deaf ears. Even on weekends, I’m struggling to make it up before 8:30.

It’s an amazing thing to be motivated. Motivation, and the anticipation of something great, are powerful influences. All of a sudden 6, 7 or 8 hours of sleep are no longer necessary. Hours and days fly by. I’ve been there before – I know what it feels like to be passionate about something, and I need to get some of this again.

I’ve never been considered a cerebral or thoughtful person. I balance a number of things at once, and rarely take time to resolve internally why I do what I do or why I’ve done what I have done. Over the course of the summer, we’ve traveled, begun new activities, improved our home, and generally, made it a goal to take advantage of the season. But I am missing out on something – there’s a lacking of integral wholeness that I need to satisfy. There are people around me who are inspirationally self-aware (my wife for one), and I think I ought to draw upon them for ideas.

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  1. Hey, how do you know what you’re considered to be by others? I have always thought you were very intellectual and thoughtful.

    Good luck in your search for the thing that you want to drive some of your energy at. I am certain that before you know it, you’ll be knee deep in it and looking for an exit strategy 😉


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