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So iGot myself an iPhone a few days ago, shortly after they were released into the Canadian market. So far, I’m very impressed – even moreso than iExpected. And believe me, my expectations were high, since I’ve been waiting for one since they were first announced on January 9, 2007. Do you remember that far back? Well, back then, David Beckham was still playing for Real Madrid and Ryan Smyth was still playing for the Oilers. (thanks Yep, that long ago!

Anyway, the gist of my review: it’s 88% praise for the iPhone. There are only a couple of issues I’ve had so far. Well, actually only one, but it pretty much counts as two. MobileMe, the replacement for .Mac, supposedly syncs one’s iPhone with their computer, wirelessly, on a routine basis. It maintains calendars, contacts, emails, bookmarks, etc. Problem is, there’s been widespread trouble with this system. Trouble that I’ve encountered firsthand. iOpened my contacts the other day to show off the iPhone (ironic, yes) to a co-worker and iFound I’d lost about half of my contacts completely as well as all the groups iHad them in. But not on my computer, thank God, which led me to believe it was a sync error. Similar disgust, concern and frightening tales of disaster could be found on Apple’s support pages. So for now, I’ve turned off MobileMe’s sync feature for contacts and things are rectified, although not really fixed. More of a duct tape solution. Not sure if Apple has fixed it yet, but I’m happy to wait another day or two.

But the rest of the iPhone is simply fantastic. iMean, fundamentally, how cool is it that the buttons change position? Not to mention a browser that actually looks like a browser and surfs like a browser (RIM take note). The utility of the device is astonishing, from the format of predictive text, to the various ways of deleting emails (though the whole email program could use a bit more fine tuning – how do I get spam mail delivered to a junk folder so iDon’t have to delete it, for example), to the ability to select a wireless modem signal over 3G – as my Dad so aptly put it, it’s a computer in your hand, not a phone.

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the petition. It’s hard to attribute success to something like a petition, but Rogers did come out with a more competitive data package and rate right before the iPhone began delivering, which will save everyone quite a bit of cash, so it’s effort well spent in my opinion.

If anyone out there resisted buying a Blackberry like iDid, but is still interested in getting a PDA, iWould certainly recommend checking out the iPhone 3G. It’s a beautiful device with enormous application and practicality.

I’m off to visit my parents at their house on the coast in a couple of weeks. Should be a good trip. iWill be making it down to Vic for a day, so anyone interested in meeting up for a coffee or coffee-alternative should drop me a line.

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