In The Red Corner…


We just returned from an impromptu Christmas vacation in Lake Louise, a beautiful mountain town 2 hours from Calgary, and a half-hour west of Banff. It was a nice vacation – the hotel was mostly up to standards, the weather was predictably winterish but pleasant and we had a lot of fun bundling up and traversing the frozen lake, amongst other activities.

December became the most vacation-related travel month yet, with 16 days spent away from home. It will be nice to plant ourselves for a few weeks, before heading to Phoenix for a week to celebrate my wife’s big 3-0 in February.

In other news, I’ve registered to run for a delegate spot in support of Michael Ignatieff in the upcoming federal Liberal convention, which will be held in Vancouver in May. These are exciting times, and I feel a calling to contribute to the positive change and restoration that we see the federal Liberals undergoing, not to mention a potential for renewal in Canadian politics in general. There are more changes afoot in this part of my life, and once some are set in motion, I’ll be sure to post about them.

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