Happy 2009


Happy New Year everyone! I trust last night’s celebrations were enjoyable. Well, it’s time to wake up, clear out the cobwebs, rinse out the bottles and prepare for the year ahead. Ringing in a new year is often time for reflection and evaluation. Time to think back at what was, and think forward to what will be.

I’m not usually one for resolutions, but it’s safe to say that both my wife and I believe 2009 will be a big year for us. Lots of ideas in the works, not the least of which involve furthering our individual educations and making long term plans involving careers.

2009 will undoubtedly be an interesting year: individually, within our family and also abroad. The year will be kicked off with a bang as Barack Obama takes office January 20, and his inauguration will be a spectacle in itself. I’m interested to find out whether his taking office will positively affect the economy, and if so, what his presidency will mean for Canada’s economy. On one hand, I can see investors and economists finding a lot more confidence in the markets with him as president (we all know that fluctuation and the dips and dives we’re experiencing are almost entirely based on speculation), but perhaps things are too far along now for a simple correction.

**Take note Americans – witness the results of your actions! Please never vote for such a moron again! You had two opportunities to vote smarter – Gore would have been an outstanding president. Kerry, well, uh, at least he’s not Bush!

As expressed in earlier posts, I am excited to see how Canadian politics plays out in 2009, with Stephen Harper becoming suddenly much more accountable for his actions (given what is now a distinctly more capable and sincere Liberal opposition) and the Canadian public watching his every move.

I think we’ll see some very positive developments in both Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009. I’m less concerned about Iraq, however the cost of that war is prohibiting the US from putting its best efforts towards the economy, therefore I hope that it is brought to conclusion swiftly but sensibly. Once Obama refocuses American military efforts on Afghanistan I truly believe we’ll see some progress towards eliminating the Taliban and severely debilitating Al Qaeda. Perhaps action in this arena will inspire global economic confidence and resurrection.

I hope to see the environment remain a topic of concern and conversation publicly. Calgary’s starting a civic recycling program this year, where everyone will be mandated to recycle, and Calgary’s the last city of its size to develop such a service. It’s about time!

I suppose I can’t be a spectator all year, so I have some resolutions that, for at least today, I will commit to. I resolve to:

– continue working out: something which I started near religiously about 13 months ago, and I’m very pleased with the results
– do lots of hiking with my wife in the spring, summer and fall this year
– commit to both of us doing more cycling
– eat sensibly – with an emphasis on local and organic wherever and whenever possible
– minimize my accumulation of packaging when I buy things, namely plastic bags
– accomplish a photography certificate and become exceedingly proficient with my new toy (pictured above)
– redevelop this website to better showcase my photography (not a fan of the fixed width in particular)
– paint the house and build a bedroom in the basement
– stick to a budget

Happy New Year to everyone and to all of you, be safe, smile and enjoy. Let’s all have a great 2009!

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