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I relented. I am a weak man. I caved. How will I ever live with myself?

I am now on Twitter. Yet I still have pretty much no idea what it does, nor why I’m doing it. Let’s call it an exercise in public relations training. Perhaps social media training… …and networking. It’s an experiment.

You can keep tabs on me if you like – find me using my name or my ‘call sign,’ c_d_u_b .

I’ve subscribed to a couple of people’s feeds – George Stromboulopoulos from The Hour; Michael Ignatieff, and my friend and colleague Rhys Pender – owner of Wine Plus+ sommelier, educator and wine maker in the Okanagan. Rhys is in good company. It’s interesting though, who I’ve picked to follow. My boyfriend George tweets about every half hour it seems. Ignatieff tweets about every week. A good disparity there – both ends of the spectrum. Rhys tweets fairly often and it’s wine and industry related stuff, so I’ll get a handle on what he and my peers are up to, or at least what they’re sharing publicly.

I will try to be fairly diligent and yet relevant – a tricky balance I think for Twitter. On one hand you can be corporate and polished: links, press releases and formality, but I think that kind of dulls the mood and doesn’t excite anyone. Seems forced and, ironically, anti-social. On the other hand you can be off the hook, telling everyone you’re tying your left shoe lace, and now your right, and now you’re standing up… That kind of flagrancy probably doesn’t earn nor impress too many friends either. I guess this will be a test: is my life worth telling people about? I’m gonna have to get off my ass a bit more and start being interesting.

Hmm… perhaps not such a bad idea after all.

Flames v. Red Wings tonight. Flames ought to get off their asses for this one. Prediction: Flames 3, Red Wings 4

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