Free Book Download – Andrew Nikiforuk’s Tar Sands


Quick post for everyone. Until Friday, March 20, the David Suzuki Foundation and Greystone Books are offering a free download of Andrew Nikiforuk’s book, Tar Sands, which explores the environmental, economic and social impacts of the oil sands in northern Alberta. This is a cause that is close to my heart – not so much that I’m a proponent for or against the extraction of the fossil fuel (however I am against it, for the record), rather that the spin and PR coming out of the billion-dollar oil industry means to confuse and diffuse any advocacy against their pillage of the land. This has made for complete societal befuddlement, and it is important that everyone in Canada gain an understanding of what’s going on up there. They’ve pulled the blind over our eyes.

I don’t care if you’re for, against, or neutral. I want everyone to have the facts and get them straight.

The development of Alberta’s oil sands is a disaster in the making. I alluded to incontrovertible evidence of this in my Edward Burtynsky post. Considering it’s free and not printed in ink on paper, this book ought to be something everyone at least skims and/or reads to better understand the trouble facing us. This affects Alberta, Canada and the world.

Download the book here. Thanks to George Stromboulopoulos’s tweet for bringing this to my attention.

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