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My life has three distinct elements protruding in a variety of telescopic lengths from a relatively stable core. Much like a tripod (or an ammonia molecule, if I were the nitrogen atom and these elements were hydrogen, but I digress…). Those elements would be my work, my school and my photography.

My work is commanding much of my energy and attention at the moment. Advertising is a tough slog at the best of times, and the current “economic climate,” or “tough economy,” or “recession,” is adding flour to the already-thick soup. In advertising you can bust your ass and not get anywhere, which is counter-intuitive to a results-oriented person like me. While the stress and tumult is offset by a healthy income, I long for more stability and reward for the hard work.

Speaking of results and hard work, my school is continuing at a good pace, if not a bit quicker than I would like. I have a mid-term project due in the next two weeks which will require a great deal of research, time and effort, supplemented by a few pages of writing. This course, which will complete my certificate, is much more intensive than the last one. I am scheduled to finish my course work by August.

Amidst the work and studies, photography compels me these days. I am excited with my results, with learning, and I am bolstered by the praise and acknowledgement from my peers and colleagues. I am often trying new things, thinking of ideas, and just shooting. I bought a tripod yesterday (well, paid for everything, but only received 1/3 of my set-up; the rest are on backorder). The legs, which I took home, are the Gitzo 1541 Mountaineer. The head I ordered is an Acratech GV2 leveling ballhead. I also ordered the quick-release plate specifically designed for my Canon 5D mark II. These items should arrive early next week. The total package will weigh less than 3.5 lbs and be about 2′ tall when compacted, which is great for hiking and traveling. I bought this stuff at Vistek in downtown Calgary, and my salesperson had no qualms about matching their competitors’ prices.

I’m very excited about finally having a tripod. Not only have I had an itch recently to go out at midnight and shoot some long exposures of the city, and not only am I interested in heading out to the mountains to take some landscapes, but I’ve been keen to set up a mini-studio in my basement. My wife and I have a large drafting table which can lay flat at about waist height, and I’m interested in setting up some lights and trying some still life. She’s asked me to shoot a few things for her website.

Speaking of which, Nest and Sparkle is getting some serious attention of late. Her website has been prominently featured on several lifestyle and home & gardening websites, and she’s enjoying triple or more the traffic that I get, which is exciting. I have to say I’m a bit jealous, but while my website muses about superfluous ambiguousness, her site is quite intrinsic and focused, and is one that people can easily latch on to for improving their own quality of life. Her success is motivating her as well.

Don’t forget, we’re both on Twitter: cdub  nestandsparkle

In less than two weeks’ time we’re heading to Banff for a couple of days of mountain air and relaxation. We’re going to find some day hikes and enjoy the early moments of summer.

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