Scottsdale pictures


So far gone now… Never the less, some serious effort in the last two days has allowed me to purge my post-processing backlog in Aperture. All my shots are now processed, archived, and some are on my online photo gallery.

For those of you who might be interested in seeing highlights of our trip to Arizona in February, please enjoy. In short, we enjoyed a five day vacation to the warm (if not hot) climes of the Phoenix area, in part to celebrate my wife‘s 30th birthday. Most of our trip was spent relaxing at our hotel, the Fairmont Scottsdale, which was friendly, luxurious and imminently comfortable. Whereas many of our earlier trips have been about exploring, this one was about hunkering down, catching some sun and taking it easy. I also played some golf at the TPC Scottsdale and we rented a car for a day to visit downtown Scottsdale, do some driving into Phoenix, and check out some local attractions, including Taliesin West (a famous structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright). Phoenix really surprised me at how comfortable it is overall – the climate is just like Calgary in the summertime – 25-28 degrees C during the day and 10-12 degrees C at night. The parts of the city that we visited were clean and pleasant. The city is laid out in ways that make sense. The people we encountered were all friendly, and so many Canadians… We’d definitely go back again.

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