Thank you!

I experienced a great moment this afternoon that I want to share with everyone.

Upon departing work a little late today – at 3:25 – I rushed home, trying to make yoga at 4 o’clock. Despite thinking that there wasn’t a chance in hell that I would make it, I got home rather quickly. I changed, grabbed my driver’s license from my wallet (I always take only that card because I’m driving), put it into the little side-pocket of my shorts, and nearly forgot, but ran and grabbed my mat and towel. I rushed back into the car and off to the studio I went. Somehow I arrived with ten minutes to spare. I was very satisfied that my efforts had not gone to waste, and was even more content to see that my favorite teacher was instructing the class.

About half way through the 90-minute session, dripping like a wet tree and feeling great, I felt the urge to pat my pocket for some reason. I immediately noticed that there was nothing in it. Where was my license? The zipper on the pocket was open, thus I knew it could be anywhere between my kitchen countertop and where I was laying. Amidst the class routine, I knew I could not do anything about it and decided that it best to just continue exercising and enjoy the release of tension and stress, and worry about the license later.

When yoga wrapped up, I remembered that I was without my license. I retraced my steps, all the way to the front door, where everyone leaves their shoes. No license. I put my shoes on and walked outside to the car. No license. Opened the door and looked on and around the seat. No license. Perhaps, I thought to myself, in my rush, and having nearly forgotten my mat and towel, I actually forgot my license altogether and left it on or near my wallet in the kitchen. I drove home – a mere eight blocks – and pulled into the driveway. Nothing on the floor of the garage. Nothing on or near the backyard path or deck. I unlocked the back door and went inside. My wallet was still on the counter. But no license.

Okay, now this was getting serious. Where the heck had I put it? I went back outside and looked in the grass, under the car, and back again. I knew I would have to drive back to the studio and re-examine the area around where I parked. First though, I called the yoga center and told the young woman at the desk that my ID might have fallen out somewhere in the studio, and that I would appreciate it if she could keep her eyes open for it. She obliged. In my freshened yoga frame of mind, I thought to myself there could be worse things that could have happened. I might just have to get a new license. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Never the less, I was upset that in my rush to get there on time something so stupid as this had happened.

Prepared to head back out again, I first got changed, fed the dog and checked the mail. To my surprise, there in the mailbox was my license. Someone had picked it up, read the address, and dropped it off to my house for me.

There isn’t a way for me to adequately thank the unknown person who found and delivered my license. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to personally thank them, so allow me to use my blog and Twitter to thank them publicly. I have a hunch that the mystery person was someone who goes to yoga (I park in a location frequented by practitioners), and therefore I am going to write a note to Bodhi Tree and ask them to publish it in their newsletter. I probably cashed in a few karma points today, having someone drive my license to my house for me, thus I know it will be important to consciously commit my own selfless act right away. I’ll keep everyone posted.

To the person who went out of their way to drop off my license to me, thank you very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your selfless act, for which I can’t repay you or personally thank you, means a lot to me and as I’m sure you have an idea, saved me a lot of frustration and trouble. I very much appreciate it. The world needs more people like you!

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  1. Great story! There is hope for the world!


  2. Just write a thank you note and drop it in the same place as you dropped you license, they’ll get it for sure 😉

    Nice story!


  3. you = your .. oops. I guess it is pretty late at night isn’t it?

    I enjoyed your moby post BTW. Read it when I didn’t have time to comment, and now I am commenting on the wrong post.. ergh


  4. thanks and thanks, guys!


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