Live From Whistler

My blood is saturated. It’s almost pure wine. I can taste riesling in every corner of my mouth and when I sweat, I sweat syrah.

I’m in Whistler this weekend for the Cornucopia Wine Festival, which is a fun three-day event in the beautiful mountains about two hours north of Vancouver. So far, my schedule has been jam packed with wine events, tastings and generally speaking, drinking. My nights have been late; hanging out with Vancouver-based friends that I don’t see often enough, and crashing more than a couple of parties.

Whistler is a neat little town. I’ve gotten over the fact that this is a spoiled playground for the rich, simply because it’s not anymore. With the recession and Olympic planning happening at the same time, Whistler has a bevy of rooms and exceedingly attractive rates. They’ve been low for months, in fact. I like being up here, and especially so only three months before the 2010 Winter Olympics begin. I’ve had several opportunities to chat with people from Tourism Whistler, who are obviously heavily involved in the planning and the general feeling amongst residents and employees is one of satisfaction and excitement.

It’s snowed heavily at times since Thursday. Enough, in fact, that Whistler mountain opened for skiers today (November 14), which is two weeks earlier than anticipated and the earliest I’ve ever seen up here. That’s obviously good news for the Olympics and puts to shame my earlier comment that the mountain would be green during my stay. It usually is this time of year – it is I tells ya!

Tomorrow I fly home for a couple of days before heading to Toronto for a few. I’ve said it before: I love traveling and though it seems non-stop right now, my rock star calendar will satisfy my itch for at least the next couple of months.

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