Why Vee Are Befuddlement

Alice was entirely puzzled by her surroundings when she fell through the rabbit hole. I can relate.

Here I sit, in YVR (Vancouver International Airport), surrounded by an eclectic and motley crew of characters. In front and on one side of me is the Deja Vu Modeling (sic) troupe, comprised of six- to 18-year olds; all of whom are busy talking over each other, commanding each other’s attention and taking flash pictures of everything that moves. At this very moment five of them are following another in a haphazard yoga-like routine. Perhaps coincidentally and somewhat shockingly, three rows away (and entirely minding his own business I must say) is a 55-year old man in a black leather jacket reading a Penthouse magazine. He’s in a sequestered corner of the seating area, but still in public. Another young man, a tall and thin 25-year old is sporting a toque, extremely loud red and white python loafers, and a black tee shirt that says “Kimbo Slice” on the back.

I am excited to be heading home. I had fun in Whistler, and though it rained prolifically in Vancouver today, it was still nice to visit. I’m home for a couple days and then on Wednesday I’m off to Toronto. Enough time, I hope, to get my laundry done and pack again.

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  1. good to see you again in whistler!! it’s been ages – please keep in touch


  2. Absolutely Treve, it was wonderful to see you, your husband and your growing family, too. We will indeed keep in touch – next time we’re on the island we’ll drop you a line.


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