Ain’t She Lovely?

The rest of our September BC vacation photos are now up on my online photo gallery. Please do enjoy.

Tofino really is a neat place. A sublime and sunny community made up of trendy youth, determined and traveled tourists and leftover hippies who all have surfboards strapped to the tops of their buggies and bicycles (whereas Nova Scotians have lobster traps on theirs), and of course the aptly named Long Beach.

This Sunday we’re off to Vancouver for part of our holidays. A sick family member precipitates this visit, and despite the circumstances it’s turning out to be a great trip already, for all sorts of reasons that I can’t get into just yet. Being with my family and some serious and seriously exciting planning for the future are all in store and we’re all excited to see one another again. I have a feeling this could be one of the best Christmases ever.

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