Blue, Hills and Concrete

It’s my fourth consecutive day in Vancouver. It’s also Christmas Eve day. I’m not religious in any way (sure I think there’s something greater out there, but without any real proof and based upon the division, conflicts and suffering that religion has caused humanity throughout history and to today I’m certainly not going to invest too much in it) so the actual significance of the “day” is nil. But it’s my fourth consecutive day in Vancouver, and I am with my family for this holiday. My family, for those of you who do not know, is myself, my wife, and my mom and dad. I don’t have any brothers or sisters.

For me, Christmas, or a more politically correct term – holiday season or festive season – is less about Jesus and more about family. I know my family exists, so my celebration of them is what’s most important. Of course, there is a chance that they might care more about the religiosity of the date than I do, so I’ll accept their conviction if it exists. But for me, it’s an opportunity to spend time with them and enjoy their company while most of the rest of the world is also celebrating togetherness, love and peace. The spirituality of the season, regardless of its basis, is binding and palpable.

Our time here has been great so far. It’s been peaceful and simple; nothing too exciting. It’s the first time I’ve spent a serious amount of time in Vancouver without work obligations and though most of it has been spent indoors, the time we’ve had to walk, drive and explore has led us to believe that we could be happy here. We’re here for another four days yet and I am sure that we’ll continue walking, driving and exploring and we’ll have an even better sense of things upon our return to Calgary.

My sick family member received positive news yesterday. It seems that they’re on the road to recovery already, though none of us are allowed to blow anything out of proportion nor take anything for granted. It’s just good news for now.

Happy holidays everyone, and all my best to you and yours for this festive holiday Christmas season.

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