Making Time

Well, I shouldn’t really be doing this, considering the movers will be here in 22 hours… But I’ve decided that I’m going to make the time – 10 minutes at most – to quickly jot down some thoughts before unplugging for a few days. Forgive me if I haven’t edited this post very well.

Yes, the movers are coming tomorrow. We’re nearly done packing (this is when we think we’re almost done and find out we’re not, hence my hesitation), and think we have all our ducks in a row. This morning, I made my fourth trip to the donation drop-off, as well as picked up our last volley of dry-cleaning and bought a vacuum cleaner (sparing ourselves PST by buying it here).

It’s been another busy week – one where you simply put your head down and get the work done. Aside from packing, I had more success on Kijiji with some last-minute items, juggled the transport of most of my wine collection (about 30 cases) to an intermediate location, and also some unwelcome home repair.

On Wednesday, I came home to a house reeking of sewage. After calling an emergency plumber, we found out it was a pump that had broken on our side of the sewer line. Much to my disdain, I signed a workorder for an $1,100 repair that we’ll enjoy the benefit of for all of 6 days. Karma, perhaps, saved up for later on.

Today we will finish packing. I estimate I have about two boxes left to pack. Maybe three. It’s mainly loose ends and odd items that didn’t find their way into room-specific boxes.

Time’s up. Talk to you all again soon.

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